Rules and Code of Conduct. I acknowledge that I have read and understand Beverly Hills Fencers' Club Rules and Code of Conduct below, and agree to be bound by them and any other rules of the Club.

Assumption of Risk. I understand that any athletic activity involves physical exertion and risk of injury, and that the sport of fencing involves aggressive physical contact with other participants. I assume the risk of any injury or other medical condition arising as the result of my participation in any athletic activity in which I engage at Beverly Hills Fencers' Club. I understand that it is my responsibility to wear the appropriate clothing to all classes, clinics, private lessons, tournaments and open fencing sessions. I understand I am responsible for my own safety and for comporting myself in a safe manner at all times.

Consent for Medical Treatment. I certify that on this date, I give my consent to Beverly Hills Fencers' Club and its representatives to obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital or clinic for the above named athlete for any injury or illness that may arise during activities associated with BHFC.

Liability Release. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless, and hereby release Beverly Hills Fencers' Club and its officers, directors, instructors, coaches, members, guests and other participants, and the United States Fencing Association, from all claims, liability, demands or actions of any kind in connections with my participation in any class, clinic, private lesson, tournament, open fencing or other activity that I may attend at Beverly Hills Fencers' Club, or any other training or athletic activities sponsored by Beverly Hills Fencers' Club on or off the Club Premises. This includes, but is not limited to, claims, liability, demands or actions for personal injury or property, damage or loss. This agreement also shall be binding on my personal representatives, heir and assigns.

Rules of Conduct

Beverly Hills Fencers' Club is open to anyone with an interest in promoting or engaging in the sport of Olympic fencing. However, participation at Beverly Hills Fencer' Club is a privilege, not a right. Along with this privilege, comes certain expectations of behavior, by the Club's members, guests, students, coaches and staff, in accordance with these Rules and Code of Conduct.

No Discrimination. All participants and guests of Beverly Hills Fencer's Club are to treat all other participants, guests, staff and instructors at all times and in all respects in a manner free of discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, gender or sexual orientation. 

Payment. Participants are expected to promptly pay when due all floor fees, membership dues, tournament fees, travel costs. equipment costs and any other amounts owed to the Club.

Physical Safety. Physical safety is one of the highest priorities of Beverly Hills Fencers' Club. All fencing encounters are to be conducted in a respectful and courteous manner regardless of whether the encounter takes place during open bouts, at a tournament or during a class or lesson. All participants are expected to salute their opponent and the referee, if any, before and after each encounter. and to shake hands with their opponent after each bout, in a sportsmanlike manner.

Scoring/Referees. In non-refereed bouts, discussions of priority and valid touches are to be resolved quickly and amicably between the participants, or thrown out in non-electric bouts, the fencers are expected to acknowledge touches against them. In refereed bouts, the decision belongs solely to the referee and that decision is final unless at a tournament, it is a question appropriate for a bout committee. Fencers and guests are expected to treat all referees with respect, regardless of the outcome of any particular call or encounter.

Equipment. All participants are expected to keep any equipment owned by them in a safe condition, and are responsible for the suitability and condition of that equipment. All participants using Club equipment are expected to not use any equipment which appears damaged or unsafe and to give any such equipment to an Instructor. All experienced fencers and regular participants are required to purchase their own equipment. All participants are expected to treat reels, cables and scoring machines with great care.

Club Activities. All classes and other programs at the Club must be treated with respect by the non- involved participants and guests.  Participants and guests must not interrupt or disrupt any ongoing activity at the Club or its instructor.

Tournament Conduct. Members attending tournaments represent Beverly Hills Fencers' Club to the wider fencing community. Members are bound by these Rules, and by the USFA and USOC codes of conduct regardless of whether it is a local, regional. national or international competition. Any fencer representing Beverly Hills Fencers' Club who regularly breeches these Rules or the USFA or USOC codes of conduct may be subject to disciplinary action by the Club's Board of Directors.

Cheering. At tournaments, members and guests are encouraged to cheer for their fencer. However, they are strongly advised against jeering, mocking or otherwise discouraging the opposing fencer, particularly at youth tournaments.

Ejection. If at any time a participant or guest threatens the safely of the other participants, guests, staff or instructors, any member of the Club's Board of Directors or coaching staff may immediately remove the threatening participant or guest from the Club's premises. The Board of Directors will promptly determine the duration that such removal will remain in effect and any other penalties.


(or name of fencer's parent/legal guardian if Participant is under 18 years old)