amazing coaches with great spirit! very kind to beginners and happy kids to learn new sports with!

The staff was great and easy to work with. Tried fencing for the first time and had a great time! They provided me everything I needed, can't wait to go back!

Our son started fencing at school with the BHFC and this is his second year training with them. He loves it and we are extremely happy to be involved with the BHFC. They are great at teaching while keeping it fun and interesting for the kids. My husband even started taking adult lessons there so he could goof around ...(he might say train) at home with our son. I also enjoy going to watch them practice and fence at the facility. It's always easy to park and the progress we've seen in our son in the sport has been rewarding for all of us. I'd say if you're and adult who always wanted to try fencing that this is a good place to start and if you're a parent that has a child with an interest in fencing that this is a great place to belong to. They even have holiday gatherings and help foster a sense of belonging. I highly recommend the BFFC.

BHFC is a three-weapon club (foil, epee, saber), with electric strips, and class and private instruction available. Annual summer workshops are held with Notre Dame fencing coach Maitre Yves Auriol, and Zoltan Dudas from Princeton. There are almost always BHFC kids who finish in the top 5 (if not 1st or 2nd) at competitions, and Junior Olympics and Pan American and other international competitions. Margo Miller and Carla Corbit (both of them competitive fencers) complement each other very well with their private and class lesson objectives, so if you are a serious fencer they'll give you complete training. Not only are they great with the kids who come to fence, they do a wonderful job training both casual fencers and serious competitors. The other instructors are very good as well, although we haven't used them. BHFC has been great for us. Our daughter started epee at BHFC three years ago.  The atmosphere at BHFC is competitive,  healthy and ethical! Our daughter loves the instructors and the club, and has thrived under their personal and positive instruction.

Great club with dedicated coaches. Fencing is an amazing sport. Try it!